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Golf Tournament

Dave & Tristan

One of our volunteers and youth having a quick bite before the tournament starts.


It’s all smiles at this point, but Jake hasn’t hit his first shot yet!!!

Thomas Team

The Thomas boys are looking to win the tournament this year with a little putting green practice before their round begins.

Randy, John, Gary & Doug

A little pre-game strategy meeting!

Bruce, Scott, Pete & Craig

The champion team with an 8 under par score!


“Wishin’ and hopin’ and thinkin’ and prayin’!”

The Avondale Team

Fred, Diane, Sharon and Wayne.

Johnson Controls Team

One of our corporate sponsors.  Thank you Johnson Controls!


This shot could be good … or NOT!!!

Doug & Gary

Looks like Gary is going to school on you Doug.  Of course, as a retired school teacher, what else would you expect!

Larry, Jim and the Mahoney Brothers

These guys were so keen to play at this year’s tournament they arrived at 10:30 a.m.!


Good form Larry … head is still down while club is following through!

Nathan, Adam & Rayburn

Two young men, recent med. grads. and Rayburn.  One of these guys just doesn’t belong … can you guess which one!!!


Looking for that birdie putt!

Pt. Rowan Team

Teeing off.

Lang, Julia, Scott, Brenda

Strangers before their round began, good friends at the end!


Did anyone see where my shot went?!!?

The St. John’s Team

A fine looking group.

Henry & Ian

Someone needs to inform Henry that he needs a ball if he’s going to putt!

Bill & Ian

Bill has a new stance for praying as he overlooks Ian’s putt!

Nathan & Rayburn

Father and son strategizing their next shot.

Lang & Scott

By the look on Scott’s face, Lang just made a birdie putt!


Get a grip Joe … hard to chip with only one hand on the club!

Lofthouses & Vogelsangs

A couple of couples having a fun day on the course.

Pt. Rowan Team

These guys keep coming back year after year.  Thank you Ed & Ed for putting a team together each year!


Ian taking a break while the rest of his foursome looks for their golf balls!

Randy & Ken

Randy can’t believe he missed the putt.  Now Ken has to bale him out!